Our Services

Metal Harvest offers you the leading prices in Auckland for your scrap metal collection and recycling needs. Don’t leave your scrap sitting around taking up valuable space. Bring it to us instead. We’ll help you responsibly recycle your industrial, commercial or residential scrap metal with our convenient pick up or drive through services.

Why choose us?

Our professional, reliable staff understand your need for speed, efficiency and exceptional value when it comes to scrap metal recycling.

That’s why we provide you with the most competitive prices in the Auckland scrap metal industry and offer highly convenient pick up and drop off services. Choose Metal Harvest for scrap metal recycling made better.

How do I get paid?

You’ll get instant payment in the form of cash or direct credit for any scrap metal you give us.

Our Solutions

We offer a range of scrap metal services, including the following:


Our Metal Yard is conveniently located less than a minute’s drive from the motorway. It’s the most accessible yard in South Auckland!
No appointments needed – just drop off, weigh and get paid.

Bin Services

Do you work on a site that produces large amounts of scrap metal? The Metal Harvest team supplies an extensive collection of scrap metal bins, and we can deliver one to your site and collect it afterwards once it is full.

Metal Collections

Need regular, scheduled scrap metal collections? We got you. Just get in touch with our team to discuss arrangements for your site.

Scrap Pickup

If you can’t make it to our scrap metal yard, don’t worry. Just give us a call. We’re right around the corner and can collect your scrap metal throughout the Auckland region.

Got any questions? Just give us a call to arrange a fast, friendly solution for your scrap metal recycling needs. Get in touch with the Metal Harvest team at 09 266 7026.